Friday, April 15, 2011

She came and went.

Yes, yes. Why so many of you keep showing up here to ask me the same question, I don't know. Ha-where is Alice? They all ask. Well, I'll tell you what I told all the rest. She came and went. We had a lovely tea, but then she suddenly stood up and told me she had to leave right there and then because she felt someboy watching her. And I told her, I'll stare a little less if it would make her feel more comfortable. However, she assured me that it was not what I thought, and left soon afterwards. All I know is that she left this trail of letters. Most likely, they'll lead you to her one way or another.

Now leave me alone.

You walk outside and notice a trail of smokey letters leading down the path. Although they don't make much sense, they seem to be some sort of code. Unfortunately, some of the letters have blown away. Can you finish the code to find out where Alice went next??

The letters read, in order: 

A E I O U A E I O U A E I O U O U E I O A U E I A_ _ _ _ _ ?

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